Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ellen's Fitness blog

Helo Everyone, today wasnt a good day here in Monmouth County NJ to get outside and exercise so the gym is the next best alternative. There are plenty of gyms here in this large county so wherever your location is, use your gym to your fullest advantage get your moneys worth. I use to manage an all womans gym and no matter what they say, they make lots of money, no matter what. Today was an upper body and cardio day. Did an awesome upper body workout with lots of back and arm and then right to Cardio, have to do the cardio, which is so much fun, some of my fav's are jump rope, jump lunges and aerobic step into kicks. The key is to keep changing it up so you dont get bored. Exercise and eating right is the key to a long healthy life. Until next time ....... As Nike say "Just do It".

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